With app2drive to the most beautiful Christmas Markets: Nuremberg Christmas Market

  • 28.11.2019
  • 842
  • 1 min read

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And app2drive offers a direct connection to Christmas. Simply pre-book your car, land, get in, drive off. To the next Christmas market. Without a stopover.

Nuremberg Airport (EDDN) is just 7 km from the Nuremberg Christmas Market. Certainly the most famous Christmas market in Germany. Children can bake cookies, paint glasses, write a wish list to the Christ Child. The parents enjoy original Nuremberg gingerbread or hearty Nuremberg Rostbratwürste. Christmas spirit quickly sneaks into every heart.

The festively decorated village of wood and cloth in the middle of the old town of Nuremberg offers still traditional Christmas decorations as in the days of our grandparents. The festive lights put a sparkle on everthing. Better plan your visit soon. Because one day before Christmas Eve the market closes its doors again.

The best time of the year – app2drive takes you there. Directly.