How does it work?

You can find information about the system on our How It Works page.

Find and book a vehicle

It does not matter if you need a vehicle now, in an hour or on another day. Using the function Find cars you have access to all our available vehicles and you will surely find what you need.

You want to rent a small car or a transporter, close by or at a certain destination? We are sure one of our numerous locations will be in a convenient distance to you. Just enter start and end data of the planned rental period and the vehicles will be shown with their present location on a map.

Once you have found and booked the vehicle you need, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and you can start your journey. Before your planned rental period begins, you will receive two confirmation e-mails from us: the regular confirmation e-mail as explained above and an additional one informing you of the license plate data and the pick-up location of your booked vehicle.

Cancel reservations

You have already booked an app2drive vehicle but are not able to start your journey for various reasons right now. No problem!

Up to 24 hours before the planned rental period you may cancel the booking without inconvenience and free of charge by clicking My bookings in your account.

Should the cancellation request be issued less than 24 hours before the planned rental period, we charge an additional fee.

Do you cancel after the planned start of the rental period or do not show up at all, we charge an additional fee. You will receive a confirmation e-mail in all cases.

Further details regarding costs, prices, fees can be found under Rates.

Too late or simply forgotten
It can happen. We will e-mail you a reminder 1 hour after the start of your rental period asking you whether you want to continue to hold the reservation active. If not, please end the journey with the function “End of journey”. Your rental agreement has been terminated and you will receive a respective confirmation e-mail. we charge an additional fee.

Should you return the vehicle later than agreed upon, we charge an additional fee.

Further details regarding costs, prices, fees can be found under Rates.

Drive, park and end the journey

To open a reserved vehicle use the app or website. Acquaint yourself with the vehicle; adjust mirrors and seats according to your needs. Once done, start your journey. The key can be found in the glove compartment. Remove the key and stick it into the ignition lock to start the car. Always use the ignition key to open or lock your vehicle.

Do you want to park the vehicle and continue your journey later? Just lock the car using the ignition key.

Ending the journey and the rental agreement
To end the journey, please leave the car at an app2drive location and close it via app or website. Closing the vehicle can take up to 100 seconds. By doing so, not only your journey ends, but also the current rental agreement.

You can’t close the vehicle and end the booking? First, try to solve the problem with our chatbot via the app or website. If that doesn’t work, please close the car manually with the ignition key and report this immediately to info@app2drive.com

Install our app

Please install our app from Google Play for Android smartphones or App Store for Apple devices.

Where to find the car registration documents

A folder with all necessary registration documents can be found either in the glove compartment, the center console or under the sun shield. Included are copies of the car registration. A damage report can be found in the vehicle folder, attached to your booking confirmation e-mail and on our website under FAQ.

How does the refueling work?

Vehicle Groups S – The Economic Car
The vehicle should be returned with the same amount of fuel in the tank as at the start of the rental. Should the vehicle be returned with less fuel, you will be charged for the missing fuel. If the vehicle is returned with additional refuel, you will receive a credit per liter.

Further details regarding the refuel and the bonus-penalty-system can be found under Rates.



Vehicle Group 3XL – The Transporter
For refueling use the fuel card stored in the vehicle. This can be found in the vehicle folder in the glove compartment. The PIN is 0000. You can refuel at all gas stations of the Routex network (ARAL, BP, Circle K, Eni, OMV, TOTAL). To help the next user getting his journey as fast and enjoyable as yours, please refuel the vehicle free of charge if the tank is 1/4th or less.

What to do in case of problems/damages?

Scratches, dents and other damages inside and/or outside of the vehicle
Please check the vehicle for damages before and after each parking incident. With starting the car after each parking incident you confirm that the vehicle is damage-free. Please report scratches and dents on the inside like torn upholstery, scratches on the interior paneling of similar size. Also report damaged glass like lights or windows. Please take photos with your smartphone and e-mail them to info@app2drive.com

Are you responsible for the damage yourself, please also report this immediately to info@app2drive.com

More details regarding the deductible amount in case of a damage can be found under Rates.

Technical Problems
Does the board computer show a technical fault or the car cannot be driven in a technically safe manner, please report this immediately to info@app2drive.com

Vehicle breakdown – no way to move on
Make sure that you and your passengers are safe. Clear and mark the danger zone. Please report this immediately to info@app2drive.com

Accident – what to do next
Clear and mark the accident site and take care of injured persons. Call police and ambulance using the European emergency hotline 112. For damages of third-party vehicles please exchange data with all persons involved (personal contact data, passport numbers, insurance details and license plates). Please report this immediately to info@app2drive.com

Late return?

Should you return the vehicle with or without extension of the active booking later than agreed upon, we charge an additional fee.

Further details regarding costs, prices, fees can be found under Rates.