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With just a few details you can register as a member with us. The faster you complete all details, the faster you can rent an app2drive car.
You can book a car at app2drive as soon as you complete your personal information we need, get your passport / drivers license verified and enter some payment method.
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  • Short or long distance

    Rent a transporter and leave it at any app2drive station

app2drive Car Rental

app2drive bundles the advantages of car sharing with those of a classic car rental. That means: rent a cheap car and have it on hand whenever you need it - now, tomorrow or next week. Short or long distance, small city car or a suitable vehicle for house moving - you decide what’s needed! Our vehicles are available around the clock.


app2drive offers demand- and utilization-based mobility. You only pay if you really use the vehicle. This is particularly fair and clear about our various tariff models, according to your needs. Always a cheap car that meets your needs - whether small car or van. We take over maintenance, service and workshop.

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Our fleet

Great Value, No Queues, Perfect for zooming around

Shopping tour or house moving?

The appropriate vehicle for all occasions - from compact car to transporter.
The app2drive-benefit

How it works

One-time registration, set up account, verification of data via website or Hotspot

Auto mieten online

Make your booking wherever you are - ad-hoc or planned via PC or Smartphone.

Autovermietung mit app beenden

Open the vehicle with via app, smartphone or customer service, get on and start your journey.

Autovermietung Service Point

Park the vehicle and lock it with the ignition key.

Auto mieten via app

End booking? Use the function ‘Close the vehicle and end booking’ via app, smartphone or customer service.

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