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How to Do Easy and Quick House Moving

When you move house, there are many important things which have to be considered. We have summed up the most relevant tips for you.


Good Planning

It is very important to terminate your apartment contract duly, but you have to keep an eye on the period of notice of your flat. It is also advisable to terminate your internet and phone contract and to check in advance the availability in your new flat.

Furthermore you have to decide if you want to move house with a moving company or if you manage it on your own. If you do it yourself you can save a lot of money.

We also recommend to engage many friends as movers and to ask them for moving boxes. In case they don’t have enough, you can buy some in DIY markets.

Packing tips

You should start packing as early as possible. First you should begin with items that are not regularly used by you. There are some places that are especially appropriate to start with, like for instance the garage. Furthermore, if you discover some articles you do not need anymore, you can evaluate whether you want to get rid of them. We recommend to sort your items carefully and to keep things together which belong to each other. It is also helpful to label the boxes to know what is inside when you want to unpack it.


Rent a cheap moving van

In searching for a car rental you will find many offerers. If you want to rent a cheap moving van, we suggest app2drive. That company lends vans with a maximum payload of 3,5 tons which have enough space for moves of little and medium-sized apartments. The advantage of app2drive is that you can book and open the vehicles via app. So customers don’t have to waste their time in long waiting queues like you know it from other car rentals.



If you follow our suggestions, your house moving will be successful. app2drive wishes you a successful beginning in your new apartment.


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