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With just a few details you can register as a member with us. The faster you complete all details, the faster you can rent an app2drive car.
You can book a car at app2drive as soon as you complete your personal information we need, get your passport / drivers license verified and enter some payment method.
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Register as a customer in 2 steps

Step 1 – Online registration
The first step requires you to enter your personal data into our websites registration form. This will include data from your driver’s license, your personal identity card or your passport. Soon after you have submitted your data we will send you an email with a link asking you to confirm our general terms and conditions and your membership as well as a temporary password, which you should change when you first log-in.
As payment methods we offer credit card payment via MasterCard, Visa or American Express. After that Step 1 of your registration has been successfully completed.

Step 2 – Complete your registration at an app2drive service point
To complete Step 2 please go to your next app2drive service point and have your personal data including driver’s license data verified by us. After a positive verification you will have access to all our vehicles via app, website, smartphone or customer service. Within a few days you will receive your personal app2drive clubcard via postal delivery..

We wish you lots of fun with your first app2drive journey.

Find and book a vehicle

It does not matter if you need a vehicle now, in ½ hour or the next day. Using the function ‘Fleet’ you have access to all our available vehicles and you will surely find what you need. You want to rent a small car or a truck, close by or at a certain destination? We are sure one of our numerous locations will be in a convenient distance to you. Using several search and select functions you can pinpoint the results of your available vehicle search to meet your personal needs. Just enter start and end data of the planned rental period and the vehicles will be shown with their present location on a map. Clicking on the location you will receive further details like vehicle category, location, rates and other useful information. Once you have found the car you need, you can book it using the booking button. Shortly after, you will receive a confirmation email and you can start your journey. If there is more than a two hour break before your planned rental period begins, you will receive two confirmation emails from us: the regular confirmation email as explained above and an additional one informing you of the license plate data and the pick-up location of your booked vehicle.

Cancel or change reservations

Cancel or change
You have already booked an app2drive vehicle but are not able to start your journey for various reasons right now. No problem! Up to 24 hours before the planned rental period you may cancel or change the booking without inconvenience and free of charge by clicking the menu option ‘My account / Bookings’. Should the cancellation or change request be issued less than 24 hours before the planned rental period, a maximum charge of one day’s rate will apply. You will receive a confirmation email in all cases. Do you cancel or make changes after the planned start of the rental period or do not show up at all, the regular rental fees apply. Further details regarding this issue can be found on our website under Rates.

Too late or simply forgotten
It can happen – no stress. We will email you a reminder 1 hour after the start of your rental period asking you whether you want to continue to hold the reservation active. If not, please end the journey with the function “End of journey”. Your rental agreement has been terminated and you will receive a respective confirmation email. Even a late return does not mean a hassle. Should you return the car later than agreed upon we will not add any additional fees, you simply pay the regular rental fee for ongoing usage. Further details regarding costs, prices, fees refer to Rates.

Drive, park and end the journey

To open a reserved vehicle use the app, website, smartphone or contact our customer service. Always use the ignition key to open or lock your vehicle. Acquaint yourself with the vehicle; adjust mirrors and seats according to your needs. Once done, start your journey. To close the vehicle and end your booking use the function “Close the vehicle an end booking” via app, website, smartphone or customer service. Our app2drive fleet consists of most current models able to start without keys. It may, however, be possible in case of very small cars that a key will be required. The key can be found in the glove compartment. Remove the key and stick it into the ignition lock to start the car.

Do you want to park the vehicle and continue your journey later? Just lock the car using the ignition key.

Ending the journey and the rental agreement
To end the journey, please leave the car at an app2drive mobility point. Login to your account and use the function ‘Close the vehicle and end booking’ via app, website or smartphone or contact our customer service. By doing so, not only your journey ends, also the current rental agreement has ended. Shortly afterwards, you will receive a confirmation e-mail informing you about the end of your rental contract. Your bill will be available for you the latest in 48 hours refer to the menu option: ‘View and download invoice’.The vehicle is now released and available for other users.

You can`t use the function: ‘Close vehicle and end booking’? Please contact our customer service:+80001112333 and end the booking and the rental agreement via telephone.

Download our app

There are two ways to download our free-of-charge app2drive app:

From your desktop to your smartphone or tablet
From your desktop scan the QR-code with your smartphone or tablet. The QR-code will lead your mobile device directly to the download link, just choose the operating system and confirm the download – ready to go.

Or starting the download directly from your smartphone or tablet.
From your mobile device you have accessed our app2drive website. Just choose your operating system, confirm download and you are ready to go. Our app offers you fast and comfortable access to all of our services. There is no option offered for your operating system? You can use our service ‘smart and mobile’ on our website. You don’t have a QR-code reader on your smartphone? You will find free-of-charge QR-code readers in your app store.

Fuel-up the vehicle via fuel card

Fuel card
Please have look in your bordbook where the app2drive fuel card can be found. Please make sure that the card is stored in this position to avoid unnecessary problems.

Fuel-up – simple and cash-free using our fuel card
… at all AGIP, BP and OMV gas locations. Please begin with reading the odometer for the actual kilometers driven, as you will need this later on in the payment process. Remove the charge card from the box in the glove compartment. The front side of the charge card or the inside of the tank cap shows the type of gasoline needed for this vehicle. Using our app2drive fuel card is exclusively accepted at the following gas stations: AGIP, BP and OMV and is restricted to buying gasoline and car wash only. There is no additional cost involved for you. It is not allowed to use the app2drive fuel card for other products like snacks, drinks or magazines. Please keep cash ready for such purposes. Please return the charge card back into the side pocket of the box in the glove compartment after each use. Costs for gasoline are included in the rental fees.

What to do in case of problems/damages?

Scratches, dents and other damages inside and/or outside of the vehicle
Please check the vehicle for damages before and after each parking incident. With starting the car after each parking incident you confirm that the vehicle is damage-free. Please report scratches and dents which are larger than your app2drive clubcard or damages on the inside like torn upholstery, scratches on the interior paneling of similar size. Also report damaged glass like lights or windows. Please take one or more photos via your smartphone and e-mail them to: info@app2drive.com. Are you responsible for the damage yourself, please also report this to our hotline: +8000 111 2 333 immediately. More details regarding the deductible amount in case of a damage can be found under ‘Rates’.

Technical Problems
Does the board computer show a technical fault or the car cannot be driven in a technically safe manner, please call our hotline: +8000 111 2 333. We will take care of the problem.

Vehicle breakdown – no way to move on
Make sure that you and your passengers are safe. Clear and mark the danger zone. Please call our hotline: +8000 111 2 333 immediately. We will take care of you and your app2drive car.

Accident – what to do next
Clear and mark the accident site and take care of injured persons. Call police and ambulance using the European emergency hotline 112. For damages of third-party vehicles please exchange data with all persons involved (personal contact data, passport numbers, insurance details and license plates). Immediately thereafter please call our hotline: +8000 111 2 333. We will help you.

Where to find the car registration documents

A folder with all necessary registration documents will be found either in the glove compartment, the center console or under the sun shield. Included are copies of the car registration and an international accident report form.

Late or early return?

Should you return the car later than agreed upon we will not add any additional fees, you simply pay the regular rental fee for ongoing usage. Further details regarding costs, prices, fees can be found under ‘Rates’ Should you return the car earlier than agreed upon we will not continue to charge you up to the booked end of the journey after you have successfully ended the rental agreement by using the feature ‘End of journey’.

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