Station at the “Mainbullau Aircraft Carrier”

  • 04.04.2019
  • 59
  • 0 min read

Car rental right next to the runway. app2drive’s vehicles are now also ready to go at Miltenberg/Mainbullau airfield in the Odenwald. Pilots like to call this little airportĀ  “aircraft carrier Mainbullau.” Because the runway on the high plateau at an altitude of 500 m is extremely narrow – and also inclined. A real challenge for ambitious fliers. Thanks to app2drive the journey then continues rather calmly in the rental car.

Attractions nearby:

  • Miltenberg and its medieval city structure (8 km)
  • Franciscan monastery on the Engelberg (11 km)
  • Amorbach’s abbey church (14 km)


Am Flugplatz 3-5
63897 Mainbullau
Internal Ref
Flugplatz Miltenberg/Mainbullau (EDFU)

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