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2017 in numbers

2017 is over and app2drive is looking back to a successful year. Many new stations were opened and many new partners and customers were gained.


New stations

app2drive wants to provide mobility throughout Germany. Due to that we expanded our station network and in 2017 we opened 43% more new stations than in the year before. The total number of our stations was increased by 70%.


New customers

Last year we gained 50% more customer registrations than in 2016. The total number of our customers increased by 73%.


New partners

In 2017 we won many new partners, for instance some cities and Aldi Süd. Compared with 2016 the number of partners was increased by 51%.



The number of bookings grew by 30%. The total number of bookings increased by 87%.


Electric cars

Sustainability is very important for us. In 2017 the number of electric cars which were added to our fleet was 225% higher than in 2016. The total number of our electric cars was increased by 325%.





2017 was an amazing year for app2drive. We are looking forward to an exciting time and wish our partners, customers and friends a successful new year.

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